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xDSL and Win XP

To setup a DSL connection with only a DSL modem in Window$ XP simple follow these few simple steps.

  1. Clicking on the Start button, select the Connect To menu.
    Then select Show all Connections, look for Network Connections.
    Now left click on Create a New Connection.

  2. Now you should have the New Connection Wizard running, click on Next, now select Connect to the Internet now click Next
  3. Select Set up my connection manually then click on Next
  4. Select Connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password and Next
  5. You will need to enter a name for this connection, typically this is the name of your ISP, then click on Next
  6. Now need to enter your Username as supplied by your ISP
  7. Now enter in your Password in the same case as supplied by your ISP, confirm the password to make sure there are no typos, then note the tick boxes underneath, the third one down, marked Turn on the Internet Firewall for this connection should be unchecked, yes thats right turned OFF, once you have the internet conencted and flying happily along THEN you can re-enter the properties at conenct time and activate it, but keep it off until everything is happy and sweet.
    now select Next
  8. Half way down there is a check box asking Add a shortcut for this connection to my desktop, tick it, its handy :) OK.... now we're all done, select Finish

Now to conenct to the net simply, turn on your DSL modem, and click on the icon on your desktop, then select Connect away :)