Knowledge Base


Open the site manager (left most icon)
Click on New Site, in the host section on the left it will say "new site", type AIS, hit enter.
On the right hand side enter in your details..

	Change the LogonType to Normal
	Backspace anonymous and enter your members username (normally this is your full email address), then
	do same to password entering in your members password
	Click OK

Account Setup

Now open up the site manager again, double click on the entry AIS, you will now be logged in to your members area

Locate the files you wish to upload to the web server in the left hand pane, select the files, (you can select mutiple files by holding down CTRL, then right click, select add to upload) To upload a single file, simple double click on it.

Select files to be uploaded

To log off, you'll see a red cross in the toolbar, click and your done.

Select files to be uploaded