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Xchat Configuration

Setting up & Configuration of Xchat

  1. Launch Xchat

  2. You'll be presented with Xchat Server List...

    Fill in the information in the top, Nick, the second options which Will be used if your chosen nick is in use on the network, your name and Real name don't have to use real name,in fact we advise against it

    xchat, Server list...

  3. If you want to use another server all the time, click on Add
    Type in the name of the network, eg: Auschat, then click Edit click once on newserver/6667 , replace it with, and you'll most likey want to uncheck use proxy sever

    Click Add button

  4. Click Connect


  5. Now just join a channel by /join #channel name, for example: /join #wasteland

    You can get a list of current channels by /list , or partial, to find a channel with rock, type /list #*rock*

    Good idea to type /motd as this often helps you with what is nick and channel services.

    Alternatively, if you want to change servers, just bring up the server list, or, type /server servername