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Member Setup Information
Once your Email client is configured, please login and check your welcome mail for further, customised details.

Email Settings

(We recommend Thunderbird, it will autoconfigure all settings required to use on our systems)

Incoming Mail Server		-		
				- POP3 (port 110) and IMAP (port 143) with STARTTLS, or
				- POP3s (port 995) and IMAPs (port 993) for Implicit TLS

Outgoing Mail Server	 	-		
				- SMTP (port 587) with STARTTLS
				* We do not relay outbound mail via regular SMTP Port 25 

WebMail Server

Email Address
Email Password			Your Member Password

Multiple failed logins within a short period of time will result in your IP address being denied access
for three hours. If this occurs, please contact support providing your username, time of occurance, and
IP address (obtainable from

Home Page

Web Server FTP
FTP Username	 	 
FTP Password	 		Your Member Password

NNTP Usenet News Server
Server Address  or
Server Port			119
Login Details			None, access is by IP Address ranges

  • As of Jan 1 2015 we only support TLS for encrypted connections, we no longer accept the exploitable SSLv3 protocol.
  • For Webmail and IMAP users, the contents of the Trash folder are deleted after 7 days.
  • If using IMAP, make sure your mail clients Trash/Deleted Messages folder is set to Trash.
  • Some mobile devices default to Deleted Messages folder, if you don't change it, you will need to manually purge that folders contents, for system integrity, our IMAP purge scripts only touch the Trash folder.

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