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xDSL and Linux

To setup an xDSL connection with only a DSL Modem in Linux you need the latest roaring penguin pppoe client, most modern Linux distros include this package, for RPM based OS's type rpm -q rp-pppoe, for others and in case the rpm -q test failed, type locate adsl-start if you have it, no need to install it as the other utilities should be there as well.

Download roaring penguin client, extract the contents and then CD into the directory and type ./configure && make && make install

Now run adsl-setup and answer the questions. You'll need your login details, password DNS server IP's

Once your done run adsl-start if all is well simply add adsl-start into your start-up scripts.

If Using the RPM version of roaring penguin you can (if it doesn't already exist) go to /usr/share/doc/rp-pppoe* and cp adsl-init /etc/init.d, chmod it +x and c issue chkconfig --add adsl-init and chkconfig adsl-init on so if you ever reboot it will come up auto-magically. start and stop services now by service adsl.init start(stop)

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