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Importing Email From Outlook and Outlook Express

The following email applications use proprietary formats that Evolution cannot read or import:

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Versions of Outlook Express higher than version 4

To import email from Microsoft Outlook and Versions of Outlook Express higher than version 4, use the following workaround:

  1. In Windows, import the Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express emails into an email application that uses the mbox format. For example, import the emails into Mozilla, Netscape, or Eudora.

  2. Copy the emails to the system or partition you use for Evolution.

  3. Use the Evolution Import Assistant to import the emails.

Importing Email From Netscape 4.x

Before you import email from Netscape Version 4.x, choose File -> Compact All Folders from the Netscape Messenger window. If you do not perform this action, Evolution imports and undeletes the messages in your Trash folders.

Importing Contacts From Outlook Express

To import contacts from versions of Outlook Express higher than version 4, perform the following steps:

  1. In Outlook Express, export each of your contacts and contact lists as Vcard files.

  2. In Outlook Express, attach each of the Vcard files to a message, then send the message to your Evolution account.

  3. In Evolution, receive the message.

  4. In Evolution, to import a contact or contact list from the message, click on the right arrow icon at the left side of the button, then choose View Inline. The contact or contact list is displayed in the message. Click on the Save to addressbook button to import the contact or contact list.

    Repeat this step to import other contacts or contact lists from the message.