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Windows ME Dial-Up Configuration

Making a New Dial-up Connection


  1. Double click My Computer on the Desktop, then open Dial-Up Networking from the listed folders.

  2. Double-click the Make New Connection icon


  3. In the Welcome to Dial-Up Networking window, click Next


  4. In the Make New Connection window, type in Real Time for the name of the computer. This actually becomes the name of the connection.


  5. Type in 0198 for the Area code and 308 007 for the Telephone number. Click Next.


  6. Click Finish


Configuring your Dial-up Connection

  1. Right Mouse Click on the Real Time Icon and select Properties.


  2. A new window entitled Real Time will appear. Click the Server Types Tab.


  3. Select PPP: Internet, Windows 2000/NT Server, Windows ME for the type of Dial-Up Server. The only check marked box should be TCP/IP. Click TCP/IP Settings..


    • Another window will open with the title TCP/IP Settings. Select Server assigned IP address and Server assigned name server addresses. Also, place a check in front of Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network. Click OK. And click OK on the Real Time window to close it.


Connecting to Real Time

  1. To connect to Real Time, double click the Real Time icon


  2. Enter your Real Time User name and Password. Click Connect.


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