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KPPP Dial-Up Configuration

Configuring KPPP

  1. The opening screen of kppp will list any available connections, and allow you to specify a Login ID and password for the connection.
  2. For now, click on Setup button. This will bring up the KPPP Configuration Window.
  3. Select the Accounts tab.
  4. Select New from the right hand side. Another menu will pop up.
  5. Enter Real Time in the Connection Name Box.
  6. Enter 0198 308 007 as the phone number.
  7. Select PPP as your authentication type.
  8. Enter in your password, refer to the Welcome Letter that was faxed to you.
  9. Click on the tab marked IP.
  10. Select Dynamic IP Address.
  11. Click on the tab marked DNS. In the DNS IP Address: box, enter the following:
    1. and click the Add button
    2. and click the Add button
  12. Click on the tab marked Gateway.
  13. Place a check in front of Default Gateway.
  14. Place a check in front of Assign the Default Route.
  15. Click OK to finish the configuration.

Connecting to the Internet

  1. Select Real Time in the Connect to: dropdown menu
  2. Enter in your Username in the Login ID: window
  3. If necessary, enter in our Password in the Password: window.
  4. Click on the Connect button in the lower right.

Disconnecting from the Internet

  1. Click on the Disconnect (formerly Connect) button in the KPPP window.