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  • Change Password

    • To change your password, visit
    • Select Manage Account, and click on Change Password.
    • The system will present a new password to use, or you can delete it and enter in one of your own, then click Save Changes.
    • If you are using your own new password, ensure it is lengthy, a minimum of 16 characters is better
    • It is important to remember the easy-guess rules, don't use anything that can be associated with you, don't use normal words, use mixed upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, as an example the word passworded could become pAs$w0rd3D which is much harder to guess than a plain word.
    • The system does run tests on basic words and will reject any new password containing them.




  • Mobile Device Configuration    -- updated 2010








File Transfers

  • Configure FTP Clients

    • FileZilla Linux/Unix/Win FTP Client    -- updated 2010
    • NOTE: Filezilla at present does NOT use the operating systems certificate store, this means EVERY certificate for FTPS needs to be manually accepted by the user!
    • gFTP Linux/Unix FTP Client
    • Fetch Mac FTP Client
    • wsFTP Windows FTP Client (deprecated recommend use filezilla)
    • Dreamweaver (may be outdated)



General Clients




Some of the information contained on this site was originally written back around 2000, therefor some parts may not be completely applicable as program interfaces change from time to time, we believe the information provided is accurate, but we accept no responsibility for any errors. This information was gathered for our local members, but provide the general public access to most parts.

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